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Superman Red Son 2020

IMDB Rating : 6.5/10
Genres :  Animation,Drama,Action
Duration : 1hr 26min



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88% liked this movie

After the success of their first Elseworlds adaptation in Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, DC achieves the same result with the Cold War themed take on the Man of Steel in Superman: Red Son.

The story plays with the idea of: What the world would be like if Superman had landed in Soviet Russia rather than America? This, in turn, introduces many creative twists on beloved characters, such as Batman and Wonder Woman. More importantly, however; it adds layers to Superman’s character by showing him as a dictator of sorts, but with good intent at heart. The film is a condensed adaptation of the film, but to a great degree; certain characters are either cut or heavily simplified, for the sake of meeting a run time which usually causes issues but works rather well here.

The original comic book is a much more expansive story that includes characters and scenes that weren’t present on the screen. Some of these scenes felt like a missed opportunity to better refine the plot, in the end result however; certain scenes simply just happen. This in turn, brings up questions that should never have been brought up. In addition, there are a number of time jumps which played with the pacing more than needed. It doesn’t cause any issue but feels odd for a film with such a short run time.

Like the previous Elseworlds adaptation, Superman Red Son is an excellent twisted tale on the Man of Steel. It’s a compelling "what-if" scenario that introduces key dynamics while still managing to stay true to the source material. The changes that are made are much welcomed as they condense the story into a more digestible form. And while a few extra minutes could have helped greatly with the pacing and plot holes, there’s enough content for fans of the comic and other Elseworlds stories to enjoy.

Superman: Red Son is a three-issue prestige format comic book mini-series published by DC Comics that was released under their Elseworlds imprint in 2003.[1][2] Author Mark Millar created the comic with the premise "what if Superman had been raised in the Soviet Union?" It received critical acclaim and was nominated for the 2004 Eisner Award for best limited series.