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Movie Title: Jism 2 (2012)

IMDB Rating: 3.0 / 10

Genre: Drama, Romance, Thriller

Actors: Randeep Hooda, Arunoday Singh, Arif Zakaria, Sunny Leone
Duration: 130 min
Released Date: 03 Aug 2012
Plot: Izna, a porn star, is tasked by an Indian Intelligence Agency to seduce her ex-boyfriend Kabir, a dreaded assassin, in order to steal vital information relating to his sleeper cell contacts.

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Jism 2 (2012) Movie Review:

Agreed that India is now somewhat ready for erotic thrillers which were not the scenario way back in 2003 when "Jism" came out of Bhatt camp. Known for their broadmindedness and talking about taboos Bhatts did a decent job with Jism (even though it wasn't by any means a great movie),a dark erotic thriller with Bipasha succeeding in the role of a mysterious seductress. Come to 2012 they wanted to capitalize on the brand Jism and come with a naive Jism2. They even roped in famous porn-star Sunny Leone to create hell of hype but sadly the idiotic plot will let you think "Ra One" is a masterpiece.The so "original" plot is all about Izna (still clueless about showing her as a porn-star which didn't help anything in the film) and how the Indian intelligence hired her to destroy the network of a dreaded assassin Kabir and add to the "surprise" Kabir was Izna's ex-boyfriend. And then in a stupid pretentious pseudo-erotic thriller, intelligence officer Ayan and Izna lands up in a resort just opposite Kabir's place from where Izna can easily lure Kabir to her trap and get the data. Think f the plot it is too juvenile to think that such master planner intelligent officer-turned-assassins are dumb enough to keep data in a laptop lying unguarded. Mahesh Bhatt simply lost his creative bent of mind with time which was evident from this wafer-thinnest ever script which has plot holes bigger than Leone's assets. Why the hell would intelligence plant a porn-star when they know every whereabouts of the assassin and that also only a two-men army. Moreover from manipulative journalism to terrorism to patriotism Bhatt tried to chew too much but sadly left audience with indigestion. To be precise it comes with an added headache. The plot of good guy turning bad who is actually good and all the tug-of-war for a voluptuous pretty lady had expiry date written all over it. To add to the torture dialogs were unintentionally funny. With Urdu thrown here and there to give a spiritual feeling (even bible has been quoted twice) it was as lame as it can be. Even the lovemaking sequences were painfully contrived unlike earlier film of this franchise and not a single frame oozes any sensuality. Frankly speaking Bhatts confused with the genre of the film they were trying to make and eventually actually wrapped in too many things. They tried to highlight the love for body with a soul. While we could easily figure out the big Hole in the plot, that particular soul was definitely missing.Pooja Bhatt should stop directing films and concentrate on promotional videos for resorts and spa. The camera was unnecessarily wandering around the green locations of the Srilankan resort, if it wasn't fixed in Leone's body. If Bhatt's idea to showcase a modern individualistic woman is by showing her roaming around in lingerie then it only reflects duplicity of her mind. The shots of camera were there only for titillation with beautiful locales and not-so-zoomed camera angles to camouflage the intentions. Less said about the acting is better. Sunny Leone exactly showed two expressions throughout the film. When she is not seducing either she is smiling or she is heaving. In fact she heaves when she is happy, she heaves when she is sad, she heaves when she has to show orgasm, she heaves when she is frightened..and we, the audience heave in almighty knows what. In fact her reactions in climax can make one roll in laughter and at the same time kill someone in anger. To add to the brutality the lady who dubbed for Leone (it doesn't seem to be her voice) had a shrieking high pitch which gives a feeling as if a needle has been poked inside her. Arunodoy Singh as Officer Ayan was as clueless in the first half as in the second. While he was overtly robotic in the first half he turned to be highly emotional in the second half. The close-up sequences where he was shown crying or bursting out of emotions were the funniest ones. Even I don't remember laughing out so loudly while watching the stupid slapstick film "Kya Super Kool hai Hum" the previous week than this one. Arunodoy should be nominated in the comic role category. Same can be said about Arif Zakaria who was too theatrical to maintain equilibrium with otherwise stiff Singh. When they both speak childishly about war & peace, you can relax your senses gazing into the torso of heaving Leone. Randeep Hooda as Kabir was decent in few scenes but the weak script overpowered his acting capability. Inane histrionics with few spiritual lines didn't help either. His portrayal of a Messiah & patriot didn't evoke any sympathy. The only positive aspect of this film is its music. Debutant composer Dr Arka Pravo Mukherjee's sufi inspired (unlike Pritam's plagiarism) music was all treat to the ear.With limited use of instruments backed by strong vocals of exceptionally talented Ali Azmat, they created some magic. "Maula" and "Ye Jism hay tu kya" haunts you with its tune and strong lyrics. How one wished the dialogs were as strong as the lyrics of the songs in the film.Though it has nothing to do with the film the other great thing about the movie was the interval where a brilliant 5mins trailer of Gangs of Wasseypur-II was showOverall Jism-2 is an utter disappointment. It is a bad example of film making at its pretentious best.

More information about Jism 2 2012 Movie:

Jism 2 is Drama, Romance, Thriller Movie.

the main character in a movie is Randeep Hooda, Arunoday Singh, Arif Zakaria, Sunny Leone.

Directed by Pooja Bhatt And Production By N/A.

Jism 2 Movie Got 3,270 Total Votes on IMDb.

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